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Show us where the tadpoles play
Dance with us through the rainbows
Play the song the raindrops sing
Wash our worries away, away
Wash our worries away.
kids in the rain

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mother & child
With Lollypop dreams
and lullaby love
we begin.

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boy peeing

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drawing of handstand
After an afternoon with other artists and writers – and lots of coffee – I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the wire that fascinates me so much, it’s the drawings I make that I use as a plan to bend the wire.  Sure, the wire adds a whimsical aspect to the art, and it allows me to make really big illustrations.  It’s the drawing, however, that I make on a cocktail napkin, or the margin in a book, or in the sand after it rains that I’m talking about. Add a limerick that’s relevant to the drawing and you’ve really got something.




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