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I make large metal wall murals out of heavy steel wire – also known as light metal rod – about 4 mm in diameter. People are amazed when they find out that I bend the metal by hand. I could program mycomputer to make them using water-jet technology, or use an automated wire bending machine, or a 3-D printer, but I’ve chosen to do it all by hand.

I make the art by hand because I’m lazy. Working with my hands is harder so I do less of it and theresulting murals are less complex. I’m sometimes amazed that I actually did something that interesting.

An image that took up many lines when I started flows into a few lines that are more expressive and look more like the subject I’m drawing.

Forcing myself to do more work to complete a project – working by hand – makes me use my intuition,my “System 1 thinking”, and puts me “in the flow.”

I do better work because I work by hand. Check out for examples.




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