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almost hooked

My early drawings were an effort to force my mind to feel the art, to draw using the right side of the brain.  I made drawings with my left hand, up-side-down, without looking at the paper, without lifting the pen or pencil from the paper. Making drawings using some of these techniques, especially continuous-line drawing,  gave the subject a new meaning.

When people view a  drawing I’ve made use one or a few continuous lines, and their eyes follow the lines of the image – consciously or unconsciously – they come away with a new meaning for the subject as well.  Sometimes it takes a second look to understand the drawing adding a feeling of discovery.

When I use the line drawing to make a wire wall mural, the illustration’s continuous-line is emphasized.

Posted By bartsoutendijk


drawing with different backgrounds

Because the drawing is made on a computer as a silhouette, the background can be just about anything.  Here the same drawing is shown with textured brown background and a dark gray background.

Conceivably, if the final print was slated to hang on a wall and fit into a specific pattern or color scheme, that could be done by inserting another background.




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