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bart modifying a wire wall mural

People ask: “how long did it take you to complete that sculpture? How long ago did you complete it?”

I say: “I started it three years ago.”

Then I walk up to the piece and carefully bend out part of the image to make the subject look just a little bit different, and I say “ There. I just finished it.”

Posted By bartsoutendijk

Live wire

I have more than five thousand drawings on my computer. They’re all alive -- not finished. They’re drawn with an application that makes it very easy to make changes.

I have used many of the drawings as patterns for wire wall sculptures that decorate the walls of my studio. Because it’s wire, I can make changes to the images at will. I can change bends or cut away components and I often do.  I can even weld on pieces of wire.

The art is alive-- not stagnant. Of Course I don’t make changes to every piece every day, but wire as a drawing medium has that potential, and that makes living surrounded by them very different.




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